Do it Proper

5 02 2008


  1. Dakwah – the more we do, the more we get. – calmness if we sincere of what we are doing.
  2. Recipe of Success: Proactive Leadership at all levels – not only higher level , but also coming from lower level. Everybody is the best at his or her own capabilities.
  3. Du’a – God, Please dont ever leave me… Please God
  4. CHOOSE instead of TRY..we always keep say insyaAllah to try our best, instead of using the word TRY, why not we use “CHOOSE”… I Choose to do it.
  5. LEADERS are READERS!!… Truly Agree.
  6. Knowledge is not power, the Application of it is power.
  7. In many Rejections, there’s one Acceptance.
  8. Action must be taken within 48 hours after receiveing new knowledge… Just do it Lillah!
  9. The Journey is not a Plain Sailing
  10. We cant afford to lose anyone of you, my sahabah!


Hope we know the meaning of what this article choosing to say. -)




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